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At Babyproofers we are very proud of the services we provide and of what our clients tell Google about us.
Thanks to all for the kind words!

Such an amazing experience with Baby Proofers. Yehudah was so responsive and Rohan was such a pleasure with the gate installation. So kind and helpful. Thank you!


I emailed Yehudah on a Saturday night with questions and photos to get some help on available baby gates. We recently moved into our new home and there are glass railings and very high staircases, which made me really nervous for baby proofing. I wasn’t sure which to get and the only ones that seemed doable I had to install myself on the glass, which made me more nervous! Yehudah got back to me the next morning, Sunday, and the gates were installed by Thursday!

The experience from buying to having it installed was fantastic. Rohan installed our gates so quickly and efficiently, it was such a pleasant experience. He even showed us how strong they were by sitting on the gate himself – didn’t budge!

I would definitely recommend BabyProofers for any of your baby proofing needs and will be recommending them to our friends!

Thank you Yehudah and Rohan!


This is the second time we have hired Yehudah and he does not disappoint! We had Yehudah install locks into our kitchen drawers, and he did a fantastic job. He came within the same day that I called him, and he finished the job pretty quickly. He is also such a nice person to deal with! I highly recommend Baby Proofers for all of your baby proofing needs.


Thank you to Yehudah and Rohan for babyproofing and installing our gates. They were very professional and prompt and helped us select where to invest in sleek plexiglass gates, and where we could install standard gates to save money. We did not feel pushed into purchasing anything unnecessary or extra.


These guys are incredible! Learn from my mistake – hire these guys first. I had spent many hours researching gates and trying to have them installed. It ended up being way more expensive, and they ended up needing to be redone anyway. Yehudah and his team came in and replaced a gate and installed two others in less than two hours. The price was very reasonable considering the parts and labour. They’re clearly experts and this is really hard to do yourself. Highly recommend saving yourself the stress and getting Baby Proofers Ltd. take on the project from the outset.


It was an easy and stress free process dealing with Yehudah. He was very knowledgeable and patient when he had to explain the process. Once the gates were installed, we had peace of mind knowing our child is safe. Mohammad was wonderful. We had other contractors in our home and he was worked well with them to get the job done efficiently.


I needed baby gates to prevent my small dogs from having the run of the house. Yehudah was professional and friendly and he outfitted my home with great gates. I will be a return customer. I highly recommend this company.


We just had our baby gates installed by Yehudah at Babyproofers and we are so pleased! Given we have unique stairs with glass railings in our home, we were looking for a custom solution for our baby gates. We spoke to several baby proofing companies and all of their rates were comparable, but the reason we decided to work with Yehudah was because: (1) He doesn’t use glue or silicone (or at least we asked for no glue/silicone). The other companies use glue or silicone, which would mean we would have to re-hire them to return to remove the gates, resulting in additional costs; (2) Yehudah’s customer service is top notch! My husband and I had a million questions and Yehuda took the time to address our questions and provided solutions to ensure we felt comfortable. He was very patient and was just an amazing person to deal with. I think some of the other companies I spoke to were annoyed at all the questions we had!; (3) Strong Google reviews and mom group referrals – I felt confident in proceeding with Yehudah because several of the moms in my parent groups recommended Babyproofers to me and they had excellent Google reviews. The day of the installation was an excellent experience! Yehudah and his assistant, Rohan came while my baby was napping and they were pretty much done installing the 4 gates in my home by the time my baby woke up! (So less than 1.5 hours) They were efficient and so pleasant to deal with and Yehudah took the time to go through my entire house to provide baby proofing recommendations. Overall, we had a superior experience with Yehudah and I would definitely recommend Babyproofers to any parent. Thank you, Yehudah and Rohan for your great work and for giving us the peace of mind that our baby is safe in our home!

Dana Isenberg

Yehudah was so easy to work with and our baby gate was installed flawlessly in no time at all. Initially my husband and I tried DIY but ended up very frustrated with the gate we purchased (it was the wrong model for our round bannister and had a very poor quality latch). Very grateful that we cut our losses and hired Yehudah! He’s very knowledgable, and was a pleasure to work with. Plus, he did a once-over of our home and pointed out any hazards we were not aware of so that we could address them on our own. Great to have a second set of eyes who is a professional. Thank you Yehudah!

Grace rahim

(Google translation) Amazing customer service and I love the setup! Professionally made and looks amazing. Thanks a lot. (Original) Amazing customer service and I love the installation! Professionally done and looks amazing. Thank you so much.
Very professional! Provided us amazing gates for our extremely narrow and awkward stairs and in addition, gave us some child-proofing tips for around our house!
Proofed our entire house. They were great and efficient and pleasant the entire time. Pointed out things we would never have thought. Highly recommend.

Kari Rosen

Highly recommend !! Yehudah is personable and extremely knowledgeable and will take care of all your baby proofing needs. There was an issue with one of our gates and he came back the very next day to fix it.
Thank you so much for taking the anxiety out of babyproofing our home! Yehudah and his son were friendly and thorough, identifying everything in our house that was a potential risk and installing simple and effective solutions to keep our baby safe. Highly recommended!

Sakina Raza

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Yahuda is very professional and goes through the products and steps with you step by step. He will get back to you in time and will provide you with the best possible quote so make sure you get him the pictures in the way he asked for. Such a good job with the installation of gates! Very neat and clean. Comparable to some other companies out there offering same service. I know people feel that they can save $$$ by doing it themselves and they probably have the expertise to do that, good for them. I am not a handy person and for me, the quality, durability of the gates and the quality of installation is more important. So yes, this service is pricey but safety of my kids come first. If you are looking for reliability, quality and knowledge, he is your man. Also he comes in and provides general comments about the existing safety of your home. Companies generally call this a one time consultation fee and charge $100 approximately but Yahuda does not charge for this and includes with his service. I will recommend him to anyone looking to install baby gates. I will add pictures soon of finished product…Thanks Yahuda!

I am so happy to have hired Babyproofers! Yehudah was easy to work with and we love the end result. The gates look professional and sleek and are extremely secure. Highly recommend to ensure that your home is the safest it can be for your little ones 🙂

Had the team at Baby Proofers quote us for installing gates around our home, making our baby’s environment safe and baby proofing the child play areas. They are extremely professionally , subject matter expert who were very helpful and provided us with all the tips needed to feel safe. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for baby proofing their home. very reasonably priced for the quality of product and service you will receive.

I used Baby Proofers a few years ago to install gates in my home when my first daughter started crawling. They were very respectful of maintaining the integrity of my home and used products that did not put any screws into my oak banisters. We recently moved into a new home and I hired them again to re-install gates as my second daughter was getting to be mobile. Again, they did a fantastic job of respecting my home. They were efficient, knowledgeable, and instilled a sense of trust and security, something I could not not have felt had I chose to attempt to install the gates myself. I highly recommend this company.

Excellent Service and Expertise. Very professional and were able to find a creative and amazing solution for our difficult space. Thank you!!

I am absolutely happy with the amazing services by Baby Proofers. I had a safety gate installed at the top of the stairs as well as baby-proofed our entire kitchen. During the walk through of the house I learned about other safety measures I could take, which was super reassuring. Also, I was able to save some money by returning unnecessary safety devices I purchased earlier because Yehudah provided insightful advice and safety tips which was so great! I love their services and would highly recommend it. If you’d like a piece of mind when it comes to childproofing your house call Baby Proofers, you will not be disappointed.

Baby Proofers are terrific – I have used them 3 times and each time, they have been knowledgable, efficient, and accommodating. Yehudah knew I was in a bind recently and urgently needed a baby gate and he was able to install it within 24 hours. Seamless. I am so so grateful for their service and highly recommend them!

They were great! Baby proofed our condo, and then our house when we moved. And when we had an issue with our gate, they came out the next day to fix it. Professional and gave great advice. Highly recommend their services to save time and effort making your home safe!



We’ve had the displeasure of having to move house twice after our baby was born. Fortunately we’ve had the pleasure of working with Yehudah at Babyproofers. He’s a very nice guy and did a great job for us each time, installing baby gates at our first house as well as safety locks on our cabinets. He also gave us great tips for those safety issues that we wanted to take care of on our own . Moreover, when we noticed a problem with one of the cabinet locks, he came the next day to fix it. After we moved, he reused parts where possible to bring down our expenses which was very much appreciated. I highly recommend him.

Great assesment & reccomnendations for safety (before installing anything). Quick to repair / remove / replace when needed (e.g. magnets, which we tend to lise too often). We’ve used Baby Proofers for our home as well as my wife’s daycare.

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