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Certified Toronto baby proofing experts and baby gate installers since 1994.
“Babyproofers has been in business since 1994, so you can feel comfortable that the information you provide will only be used to assess the needs of your family and baby proofing requirements for your home. So please fill in all the fields below and then Submit the form and I will contact you shortly.” If you want a quote on gates please send wide angle photos of the areas you want gated. DO NOT take photos while standing on the stairs. Stand as far back as you can. Do not take close ups. PLEASE TAKE PANORAMIC PHOTOS. Thanks for your interest in using Babyproofers, Yehudah Franken (Owner/Installer)

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    3 Examples of Photo DO’s! 

    Show the whole area of the approach to request a quote.

    Stand back and to side for picture to request a quote.

    Take photo so entire approach is in view to request a quote.

    3 Examples of Photo DO NOT’s!

    Don’t need to see the stairs to request a quote.

    Don’t take photo too close to stairs to get a quote.

    To request a quote don’t take photo too close to stairs.

    Why Professional Install?

    With over 30 years of experience Babyproofers Ltd. can provide you with the peace of mind that everything is mounted correctly. We've installed countless thousands of baby gates and child safety locks and a variety of child safety products.

    Credentials you can trust

    We are Advanced Certified and keep ourselves up to date on all the latest child safety products - so we can provide solutions to make your home as baby proof as possible.

    The ADVANCED CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CHILDPROOFER designation indicates that YEHUDAH FRANKEN has met the exacting standards set by the International Association for Child Safety as to professional education, knowledge and experience in the field of child safety issues, ethics, business practices, installation of child safety products, performance of child safety consulting and has demonstrated knowledge of child safety issues.

    The standards for the Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer program are found on